Seniors Travelling Safety Tips (new)

Safety Tips When Travelling With Seniors

You may want to gettravel health insurance that allows cover for pre-existing medical conditions for your senior companion.
Keepyour Embassy details with you at all times. While it may be less fashionable, carry a belt-like bag around waist so you’ll have room for your important documents like passports, cash, and credit cards. Have your senior companion do the same thing or if you feel like it’s safer, you can carry their documents with you as well.
Try to wear loose and comfortable clothing and suggest the same thing to your senior companion. The change in weather may cause nausea and dizziness that is why it is advisable to have clothes made from cotton.
Inform your older companion that it may be better to avoid foreign food that are easily exposed to bacteria like salmonella and E. Coli. Go for organic or fresh produce like fruits or vegetable.

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