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A push of a button can save your life!

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Emergencies can happen at any time – they are not reserved for a certain class of people – medical emergencies do touch our lives either personally or via a family member, friend or neighbor. A heart attack, stroke, ill child or any type of emergency can strike at any time so why not take every measure possible to protect your most valuable asset… your personal well-being and that of your loved ones.

Envision these very real scenarios:

  • You feel pain in your left arm and collapse on the floor
  • You witness your father slurring his speech and he becomes disoriented
  • mother has fallen and can’t reach the phone to call for help
  • Your child has fallen down the stairs and she can’t move

Every Second Counts!

You and your loved ones need fast medical attention in these events but can first responders find you and your home?

Every second counts in an emergency and if EMS crews cannot locate you the risks of permanent damage, pain and sorrow increase with every wasted second.

Guide Light is a product that will ensure you are proactive and will be ready for the eventual emergency situation.Guide Light is designed to bring help right to your door faster than ever.

As indicated on the About Us page Tony is an inventor and had his “a-ha” moment with the Guide Light idea while working with seniors. This emergency light was designed to meet the needs of seniors in a crisis situation however, as we began to collect our research it became evident that this life saving device is suitable for any homeowner!

It’s been documented time and again that emergency response time is of vital importance to the outcome of a 911 call.  Also documented are the delays in finding addresses in emergency situations. Did you know EMS engage in training to memorize each street and house number? Did you know that more often than not, the first responders response time is increased because they have to slow down and search for the correct address? It is extremely frustrating for first responders when they cannot find a home because it is not visible and this affects how well they are able to do their job, ultimately affecting your overall outcome too!

It all started with a simple sketch on a piece of paper followed by research on how to take a light bulb used as an ordinary light but at the same time that could be activated from a far distance and turned into a red flashing light that would be bright and visible during the day and night and in inclement weather. The light needed a remote and it needed to be safe. Guide Light is one of Guide Aid products and has several pending patents and it is also ULC, UL and FCC tested and certified.

How does Guide Light work?

The application is simple:

  1. The Guide Light bulb is installed in an outside light socket.
  2. In the event of an emergency, you place a call to 911 or your neighbor.
  3. The individual then activates the Guide Light via a remote and the outside bulb turns from an ordinary white light to a flashing red life saving light.
  4. The flashing light signals to first responders and neighbours that someone in that home is in need of emergency assistance.

Product overview:

Guide Light uses 220/110 volt, it is only 3 watts and is ULC and UL certified.

The remote which is FCC certified is set to send signals of up to 50 meters in distance without any obstacles and can turn the light ON or OFF within that range.

When the (W) button on the remote is pushed it will transmit a signal to the receiver inside the light to turn the light ON or OFF and when the (R) button is pushed it will send a signal to change the white light into a red flashing emergency light. After help arrives the blinking light can be turned off simply by using the remote.

Guide Light is by far is the most effective way of bringing help right to your door in an emergency. Guide Light is the only light bulb in the market today that is capable of switching from an ordinary light to an emergency light.

Guide Light is the most powerful cost – effective way of keeping you and your loved ones safe and making your house noticeable during an emergency.

We want every family in North America, to own a Guide Light so have taken measures to develop it at a reasonable price. Guide Light is a gift of life and peace of mind. Purchase one today.

Guide Light can save your life and your loved ones – don’t become a statistic!

Still not sure? Hear it from our customers that have used Guide Light and visit the Video and Testimonial pages.

Guide Light is one of Guide Aid's Home and personal Safety products.